Ages 7 Through Adult - 2 To 4 Players

To determine the dealer in each round, each player draws one card. High card deals. Dealer deals one card -face up- into each slot and places the remaining cards face down in the center of the board.
  • In a 3 or 4-player game, each player controls the cards in 2 side-by-side slots: one right slot and one left slot. (With 3 players, 2 slots are not used.) (With 2 players, each player controls 4 slots.)

  • The object of the Takeaway game is to collect as many cards as possible in each round. The end of a round occurs when the draw deck has been depleted and no further plays can be made. A game consists of 3 rounds.

  • Play always moves clockwise around the board.

  • All cards in slots must remain FACE UP. The draw deck remains FACE DOWN. (Aces are high or low. Jokers are not used.)

  • A 'PLAY'( or a "Takeaway") refers to making a match or run between your card and another card anywhere on the game board. See examples below.
  • Dealer begins the game by playing his/her right slot.

  • Note: First, look for a match or run on your card slot before drawing a new card.

  • During your turn, when a match or run is found, take ALL the cards from the slot in which the match or run is found (keeping the top card on top) and place them on top of the cards (face up) in your slot that you are playing.

  • During your turn, if more than one play is possible on your card, make any one of these plays. Then, if another play is still possible on your new top card, you must make this play also. Continue in this manner until all plays possible have been made. Your play on that slot is now over *. REMEMBER: All plays possible must be made.

  • On your turn, if no match or run is possible, draw one card from the deck, place it on top of the card in your slot you are playing, and make all plays possible. If no play is possible, your play on that slot is over.

  • After you make a play(s) on the card in your slot, you cannot draw a card from the draw deck. Play on this slot is over.

  • * Whenever one or more matches or runs are made, this will create an empty slot(s) somewhere on the game board:
    When you create one or more empty slots anywhere on the board during your turn, first finish all your possible plays, then play moves clockwise to the first empty slot, which could be either your own slot or clockwise to the first player with an empty slot.

  • To play your empty slot: Draw a card from the draw deck, place it in your empty slot, then make any possible plays on this drawn card. When no play is possible, play moves clockwise to the next slot. (An empty slot takes priority.)

  • After playing your right slot and you have created an empty slot elsewhere on the board, you cannot play your left slot unless your left slot is an empty slot, otherwise, play must move in a clockwise direction to the player with the first empty slot.

  • After playing your left slot and you have taken your own right slot cards for a match or run, you may now draw a card for your empty right slot (if there are no other empty slots on the board), then make any plays possible. If no plays are possible, you may then play your left slot again.

  • To score, at the end of each round, each player counts the total number of cards (each card is one point) in their right and left slots combined. Record players' scores on scorecard. The player with the highest total score after 3 rounds wins.